Happy 2014

Hey. Looks like i haven’t been ale..able to work on the game during the last week. It just wasnt enough rum…room in my head. But i was able to work on the forum software a bit. I’ve made my mind on vanilla forums. The good news are the framework is pretty flexible. The bad news? I have to study PHP to learn how to flex it. Also some time was invested into the workflow and data backup optimization. Read On →

of regularity

Starting from 2014, i’ll try to post at least two times per week. This would be a logical step towards forum system, which should be kept fresh on daily basis. Here’s what left before i’ll hit 0.5 Library + multitile units + scripting base + TemperatureConversion, IntegrityConversion tokens – circular reference check to be redone Regions + global testing and bugfixing pass + convection, heating, cooling (modifying of temperature regions) + repairs (modifying of integrity regions) + smart regions merging with size adjustment + middle value on area Threadsafe + bugfixing, optimisation and standartization pass + LoadWaiting state and mechanics, to synchronize loading of all plugins and systems Viewport + get rid of hard pixel constants, remake for size-wise coefficients to support any resolution possible. Read On →

New hosting

Now my blog will be (hopefully) faster and i’ll be able to experiment with the forum software. GUI work is almost done. In the meantime here’s some sketches for you. These are supposed to be concepts of starting tier heavy armor, based on the bomb suit, tactical assault suit and riot suit respectively. Unfortunately, riot suits aren’t that protective against serious threats, and bomb suits aren’t suitable for any fighting due to the heavy weight and heat management problems, so it’s either swat-type equipment or cooling shenanigans. Read On →

New update of things

Heeeeeeey. I’ve been through some interface work. Basically, i’m recreating simplified windows forms in SDL environment, with all their listboxes, buttons, labels and other stuff that will make the following development much easier. And yes, i’m quite aware of fact that have been done, like, thousand times before, but i’d like to make my own fast and lightweight collection of instruments. Couple of draggable textboxes. Textbox control is ready, minus scrolling. Read On →

Skype animator

Little utility i’ve made some time ago using this DirectInput wrapper. It allows you to play text-based animations to your skypemate. Basically, it sends a text, then edits it, with a new text, and so on. I highly recommend using skype compact view to avoid situation where focus jumps to the “search contacts” field instead of message field. Using standart view can lead to a …rather unpleasant consequences. For example, i’ve accidentally created a multiuser chat for all contacts in my list, including my mom and every weird friend i’ve ever had in skype. Read On →

While my VS is updated

Quick and dirty pixeling. Vardogr suits employ rude adaptation of the doppel’s native ability to bend the radiations around one’s body. While not able to fully utilise the potential of this ability, e.g. manipulate with spectral image at will, shift projections or deflect intense energetic bursts, this suit is still immensely useful in covert operations (prerendered holographic projections can be loaded before mission, based on the intel data and terrain specifics). Read On →

GUI update (not so much G though)

I’ve put some design and planning into the UI elements, so it’s now much easier to add various controls, buttons and container windows. Since TBS tend to be UI-heavy (and plus the strategy part), that will come in handy. UPD:Playing with the UI, deciding on what capabilities it should have. Some more graphics, with the style stolen from here, for the purprose of training. Great motivation posters (some of them are english, so go visit the archive). Read On →

about importance of motivation and some concepts.

It’s a little weird to know i’m not the only one who reads this blog, so… hey, Stephen. Thanks for the motivation. Motivation is everything. It’s the most important resource that you have to spend on virtually every action. More you spend on something, more expensive it becomes. At the same time results of your work will bring the motivation back, thus fueling your further struggle. This balance is vital, and you are able to tinker with it from two directions. Read On →

Who test the testers?

I’ve been filling the lack of a thorough testing for a week now. Collision detector should be bugless and shining because i’m really starting to feeling bad about rewriting it again and again. After i’ll finish with that, i can finally make something interesting, but for now it’s pure technical stuff. Regions were implemented. This system allow objects to have local spots in which the physical properties (integrity and temperature for now) are differ. Read On →

Look ma, no hands!

Well, it may be not isometric yet, but i’m getting there. Linear algebra is neat. It really helps to know what you are doing though. UPD: Now that’s more like it!