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Annoying old bag was vanquished. Citizens are happy. You are a good mayor. Penetration physics integrator was updated. It’s using elastic and plastic deformation limits as base for calculus, as well as aggregate state. It’s not very accurate in predictions, but at least steel can penetrate some wood and ricochet from the stones. Layer thickness implementation is on its way. Next in the list are temperature and integrity regions, so the armor can actually degrade direction-wise and not as a whole structure. Read On →

0.5 is upon me

And that means the collision processing system is pretty much ready. It will undergo some additional refactoring, of course, but the general idea is working and i’m pretty happy with it. Collision detector was broken, refactored, broken again, and i’m NOT happy with it. Will remake that from scratch again, since it’s one of the tight points of any game engine, and especially because of the complex nature of my objects. Read On →

Updatus hiatus

Socialization vs intellectual work. The long and thoughtful theme, that. The more you work with your code and pixels, the harder it gets to force yourself write something about it. One of the answers is: don’t force. Just write. Sooooo, i’ve made a parser. AGAIN. That was unexpectingly difficult and took a lot more time it should, but i’m satisfied with it now. Code is easy, manageable, and instead of one huge class with thousand lines of code i have 47 small classes. Read On →

of object system and hitspheres (longpost).

Meanwhile in the GS object system department the great construction has reached another milestone. So, today i’ll tell you how you can build the hierarchy able to support rock pebbles covered in purple blood, or aliens with variable amount of hands. #Basic hierarchy I’ve already worked on a base hierarchy for my engine while designing the architecture. I’ve got something like this: GenericObject class is the base class of all objects and controls various properties common for everything, like unique ID or Time-To-Live. Read On →

Make that again.

This is a particularly boring post, but it’s intended mostly for internal use. Next time i’ll write about somewhat more interesting stuff like designing the objects hierarchy, resource files and modding. There are two things i’ve discovered to be essential in supporting a large project. I think, not everyone will find these things equally important, or important at all. But for me the difference is in ability to continue developing. Firstly, documentation. Read On →

of engines, loops and learning.

I won’t going to open new exoplanet here, since this topic was covered more than enough in the respective sources. Still anyone who’d want to make a game will need to know at least basics. Engine is the core of the game. The gameloop is its heart, and the fps is the heartbeat. Gameloop, ideally, runs fps times per second from the start of the game till you press the exit key. Read On →

Obligatory first post

Welcome to the Bytemap Games blog. It’s safer here.