Recent schtuff

Annoying old bag was vanquished. Citizens are happy. You are a good mayor.

Penetration physics integrator was updated. It’s using elastic and plastic deformation limits as base for calculus, as well as aggregate state. It’s not very accurate in predictions, but at least steel can penetrate some wood and ricochet from the stones.

Layer thickness implementation is on its way.

Next in the list are temperature and integrity regions, so the armor can actually degrade direction-wise and not as a whole structure. Actually, i’ve just got a good idea on how to implement that, bearing in mind that objects can actually be cuboids and polyhedrons, not only spheres. We’ll see if that will work.

This is going to be long and tedious, so i’ll probably wander to a camera implementation. I do want to see how my engine looks in isometric view. Also, top-down can be deceiving about z-axis behaviour.

And you are probably tired of colored circles.

Ah well, how can you not like colored circles?


Target is wooden now. Stones are granite, and human… well he lost his skin in one of the recent codebreaks. It was an accident. I swear.

Animated bonus: