Who test the testers?

I’ve been filling the lack of a thorough testing for a week now. Collision detector should be bugless and shining because i’m really starting to feeling bad about rewriting it again and again. After i’ll finish with that, i can finally make something interesting, but for now it’s pure technical stuff.

Regions were implemented. This system allow objects to have local spots in which the physical properties (integrity and temperature for now) are differ.


Bullet hits your breastplate, your brestplate is damaged. But this damage applied locally now, creating a variety of effects from simple scratches and overall worn-out look to the seriously compromised dents and even holes. As one might imagine, holes won’t help in protection at all.

This system is more flexible than 6-sided physics (front armor, side armor, etc), and even more productive when there isn’t too many holes.

The bullets now are slowed appropriately when they are flying through something (before it was only upon the fact of penetration/ricochet). Now it’s much more likely for the bullet to stuck inside something.

It’s very hard to get coefficients right, though. Something credible to allow the fists to punch faces without fingers flying at every direction and at the same time the hypervelocity projectiles to penetrate a 0.5 m concrete wall. And this should work with plasma and beams somehow. Ah well.

Beside that, nothing much new. I’m steadily working on to-do list for a next version.  Which will be 0.6. And 0.7 will be public alpha, which also means i’ve to put some kind of forum beforehands.