about importance of motivation and some concepts.

It’s a little weird to know i’m not the only one who reads this blog, so… hey, Stephen. Thanks for the motivation.

Motivation is everything. It’s the most important resource that you have to spend on virtually every action. More you spend on something, more expensive it becomes. At the same time results of your work will bring the motivation back, thus fueling your further struggle. This balance is vital, and you are able to tinker with it from two directions.

First, expand your positive income.

Self-feedback will be your only reliable source of motivation at first. Don’t afraid to praise yourself for achievements. Even better: break your gigantic work on a small, comprehendable steps so it will auto-motivate you. Fix completion of those steps, too. Striked lines in to-do list can work wonders.

But don’t wait until you run out of breath, and invest some time to the promotion and social availability of your work. Positive feedback from other people is the great source of quality motivation. It’s the rich deposit of fuel you are going to use in the mid-way to your inevitable success. Later on the public importance will fade, and you will have to finish on your own, clenching your teeth and cursing. Completely different things are going to move your work from here, but that’s another story.

Second, minimize your waste.

From times to times you will feel the motivation fading. Anguish, irritation, annoyance, “nothing seems to work”, and so on. It’s very important to get a hold of yourself, and stop banging your head against the keyboard trying to get a solution. If you don’t stop, you’re going to burn your reserves and get into the red zone. Hatred to your creation, long-term depression, artistic crisis attached.

So, if you are in crisis — abandon all work for an hour, day or week, whatever fits your situation and deadlines. Check yourself. Still have fuel? Great. Big projects usually have several points you can work on independently. Document the state of things you were working on (and the problems you’ve encountered) then switch to a different activity. It should have lower motivation costs and will allow you to refill your mental fuel quickly.

As you might imagine, i’ve been stuck for a while now, but was able to catch myself. And i’ve had to write all this down to convince my brain Senate to stop banging keyboard (really, i can’t explain the code i was producing recently by any other reason) and work on something else. Mental democracy is a bitch.

So i’ve made several quick concepts on the signal systems. They will control the object interaction, calling of the abilities and returning the feedback such as physical pain back to the actor. Chain of systems will work like this:

Actor picks up the remote, its signal system connects to the one of the hand. Remote bears an ability which is available to the actor now – “Detonate”. Actor sends a request to use ability through the chain of signal systems (head-arm-remote). This ability creates a simple wave message with a code.

Somewhere around a receiver gets the message and aproves it. Receiver signal system then activates the ability “Blow”. It creates an area of a high temperature, detonating the bomb attached to the receiver.

Now look, there’s a lot of points in which the chain can be disrupted. You can damage the remote or the hand, you can block the wave message, or, given equipment and skill, you can detach the receiver from the bomb, effectively defusing it. No skill or equipment? Well, order a soldier to shoot  couple of rounds into the receiver, and if the explosives were stable and you’ve been lucky to damage equipment enough, this soldier will be dead. Dead drunk and promoted tonight, that is.

You see, situations like these are the main reason i’m doing everything so complex and generic. The reason i’m doing the game development at all. I like the stories and LP’s people are creating, so i’m going to make an x-comesque storyteller helper software. Damn, i’m going to use that as a genre.

A bonus: sprite resolution comparechart.


While i’d like to make the sprites big, i hardly will be able to utilise this size’s full potential. Also it’s very time-consuming.

I’m pretty comfortable with the middle one, but it could change.