While my VS is updated

Quick and dirty pixeling.


Vardogr suits employ rude adaptation of the doppel’s native ability to bend the radiations around one’s body. While not able to fully utilise the potential of this ability, e.g. manipulate with spectral image at will, shift projections or deflect intense energetic bursts, this suit is still immensely useful in covert operations (prerendered holographic projections can be loaded before mission, based on the intel data and terrain specifics). It also provides some degree of defence against DEW’s, light flashes and heat absorption, although not enough to eliminate threats we are facing now.

Distortion projectors are fragile, especially in deployed position, so you must be ready to face efficiency drop or even complete failure of the distort field be it exposed under enemy fire. But, as being said, this suit is mostly intended for averting threat than soaking damage, so it’s advised as part of the equipment for scouts, snipers and special forces.

We can continue to improve general defensive capabilities of this suit, boosting raw distortion power and work on more reliable projector mountings. Or we can try to further increase efficiency and flexibility of the field projectors via fine tuning and software extensions.

But it’s quite possible that tomorrow we’ll get another alien artefact which will break everything i thought i knew about this world. Again. So the choice is yours, commander.

God i have to do something with my writing and pixel art until people see all this sheeeit.