Skype animator

Little utility i’ve made some time ago using this DirectInput wrapper. It allows you to play text-based animations to your skypemate.

Basically, it sends a text, then edits it, with a new text, and so on. I highly recommend using skype compact view to avoid situation where focus jumps to the “search contacts” field instead of message field.

Using standart view can lead to a …rather unpleasant consequences. For example, i’ve accidentally created a multiuser chat for all contacts in my list, including my mom and every weird friend i’ve ever had in skype. Then i gazed upon the flying fucks. Then i left the chat.

Should be totally safe with the compact view though.

Insert some frames, edit as a text fields, manage delays.

You can preview and/or save your animation, as well as load previously saved ones.

Open chat window with your friend. Choose your friend window title from the drop-down box.


Then press start and look at it go.

You can interrupt process at any moment by changing focus (clicking outside the skype window).

Additional options:

Cycles: how much times will animation play.

Start with: short message which will appear before the animation starts. Quite useless.

End with: string that will appear after the animation ends. If not checked, the last frame will be used.