Happy 2014


Looks like i haven’t been ale..able to work on the game during the last week. It just wasnt enough rum…room in my head. But i was able to work on the forum software a bit.

I’ve made my mind on vanilla forums. The good news are the framework is pretty flexible. The bad news? I have to study PHP to learn how to flex it.

Also some time was invested into the workflow and data backup optimization. And by some time i mean almost 7 hours, lots of data, cloud backup, passwords management, etc. Two cloud providers are hosting my projects, backups and various references and inspiration stuff, as well as portableapps.com instance as my trusty digital toolbelt.

Completed with browser sync and outer backup HDDs i’m almost totally free from my local machine, and can set up a workplace on any device i want. Welcome to the cloud era.

It’s some time left to draw couple of faces. Have fun.