Good news everyone

I’m not very sure when porting to another framework ended and new features started, but now i’ve got shiny new camera (with matrices!), text engine (does not produce “out of memory” stuff anymore!) and state machine (plugins waiting for other plugins, global state change, etc.). Also, sprites!

Grid of points corresponds with field tiles. After i’ll finish with camera tinkering (NE,NW,SE,SW orientations, selecting tile, etc) it will be filled with sprites like ones you see in the corner.


While old viewport is still loading, new one is already waiting for all of it’s less optimised codebrothers.

(actually it’s artifical delay for testing, of course. State machine should be robust enough to handle different loading times for game components. At least.)


Two viewports with quite different approaches to drawing (that’ve caused most pain upon migrating, but new system is much faster, so i’m happy).

Also, new fonts! (Sansation by Bernd Montag)


upd: Texture scaling done, but tile picking is still buggy.