Dragging my butt

…that’s what i was doing last couple of months.

Butt there’s a reason behind all of this. The reason is i can’t leave half-working code behind, if this code is something i couldn’t easily support and rewrite later.

Physical impact solver is an example of such code. This.. thing should give a somewhat realistic answers on a questions like “What will happen if I’ll throw a body of certain material to the body of the different (or same) material with the particular speed?”

After all these months, it quite does, albeit not without some limitations. Low energy impacts aren’t tested thoroughly, even though I from what i’ve seen they are ok. Mid-speed (sonic) impacts can tell which of two materials will yield first, how much bullet will deform after hitting, will it penetrate or ricochet, how much energy will turn into heat, etc. Hypersonic impacts are special in a lot of ways (https://what-if.xkcd.com/39/) and will be calculated differently.

One more thing that i’ve been working on last couple of days is the brittle structural failure. Materials like glass and ceramics should be able to shatter upon relatively weak impacts.

I would like to show you some screens, but these from my debug tool are the only ones i have.

Upd: Low energy projectiles ricochet from glass, at medium levels they shatter it, and very high speed projectiles are making holes.