April news

Alright, that was quite a pause between the posts. Wish i could say it wouldn’t happen again.

In the retrospective, this month wasn’t very productive, but still i’ve managed to do some tricks.

Sprite system is functional on 65%. Rest is lighting masks and animation sets.

I’ve also accidentally an editor. Initially it was planned to be done later, but then sprites said “Nope” and hit integrator code went rogue, so i’ve had to force building a tool that will put everything in place.

At first, i’ve made a full 360 dummy sprite set for a human.


And then i’ve realised that mapping sprites to object locations by hand is going to be… problematic.


It works, but there are lots of misaligned pieces, which are quite hard to fix properly via number crunching and constant “fix one number – restart the game – fix again – …” stuff. After the god knows how many tries thought of the tool that will help me to manipulate the numbers and displaying changes in real time was so overwhelming, that i couldn’t resist. Then materials broke, and when i’ve caught myself with much familiar “fix-restart-fix”, it was decided.

Editor screenshot (materials development and testing)