FOV tier I

Long time no news, since i was in an unexpected family trip. A little bit of fresh air to keep the brains integral.

That means i haven’t been able to do much (lame pixel art attempts on a touchpad don’t count). And gaining back that work spirit after such a short rest was frighteningly harder than it should be.

I’ve concluded, after some extrapolation, that if i’d leave the project for longer than two months, i’d probably never be able to return. So, no long breaks for me.

Simplest FOV calculation possible.


I’ve been walking around more complex algorithms, but yet to found one that’d met all requirements from the box: 3D, non-filling objects, fast.

Most implementations revolve around flat roguelike worlds, some common ones are strict with the tile=object principles, and only few are fast enough to be used in a multi-actor game.

Now back to code.