This is my Ludum Dare entry. There are many like it, but this one’s mine.It’s that kind of strategy where captured worlds are constantly building units, also bundled with an indirect control via routes and a twist with the world connections.

Main feature of the game is the ability to connect the worlds. With each connected world conglomerate switch to the bigger ships. Tiers are untransitively balanced: fighters<-corvettes<-frigates<-fighters. So the two connected worlds beat two single worlds, but three connected worlds are worse than three singles. There are also fourth tier of capital ships, which are capable of beating everything, but are slow in movement and production. It also takes four worlds from you, which makes you open to the fast counterattacks. Fighters are able to hold capital ships in a long fights, and frigates are able to do serious damage to them. There are also module worlds, which, when captured, provide aura bonus to various ship stats. And, of course, you could connect them to the conglomerates for more substantial bonuses. I’ve been counting mostly on my intuition while meddling with the ship stats, so the game would be playable and dynamic on medium-sized maps (8-12 construction worlds). Module worlds are messing the balance pretty badly, though they do improve the overall dynamics.

After analysing people’s comments: the game is definitely playable, and even enjoyable, though AI is a bit hard (it’s not intelligent, but it is fast). Also, there seems to be many games like this.

Conclusion: wow i made a game.

Real conclusion: There are definitely ways to develop this into the full game. More levels, larger battlefields, and, of course, lots of delicate balancing. But the chances are low since, apparently, there are many games very similar to this. Nevertheless, it was a fine experience.