Ok, where the hell..

I’ve been? Moved to the biiig city. No money. No job. Thug life. That happens.

No progress on the game then?

Yes. Nothing big, at least. I’ve planned to put up prototype before moving, but failed.

And when?

Couple of months, i’ll be damned but i’ll make the thing at least somewhat playable.


One map, two teams, several soldiers, working bullet physics, hopefully working FOV (questionable), sandbox for object testing, that kind of things.

That’s not a game.

I know. Here’s the plan. I’ll try to get a job now, either programming or drawing one. I’ll use it to polish my skills in appropriate area (the other one would have to rely on my free time). This (and much higher salaries to spend on recreation, inspiration trips and so on) will allow me to work harder, better, stronger, ever.

So optimistic.

You do realise nobody reads this, ever?

Yes. Shush. It’s the process that matters.