Little post that couldn’t

Well, that was expected.

As I said, I’ve been preparing the post about the abilities, but I still can’t quite get it the way I wanted. Sorry about that.

The truth is this thing had grown into the heavy psychological block, and I’ve been dancing around it, cheating myself to postpone the unwanted work. Always trim your mental lawn, kids.

So I laid down some work for the editor, which was required, but not a top priority, and I’ve implemented the debug console, completely with remaking the GUI system, which was even less needed right now. And not a single hour worked on abilities, how about that? Gotta bring the big guns to deal with this son of a Freud.

Speaking of Freud, here are some scary pics:

It used to be dreadful to meet these… creatures at the battlefield. We didn’t know much about them. What they are, those wretched things, why they aren’t like any of the other alien races we knew. Why they look like some kind of joke, a parody on us?

Now we know, and now it’s even more terrifying.