Updatus hiatus

Socialization vs intellectual work. The long and thoughtful theme, that.

The more you work with your code and pixels, the harder it gets to force yourself write something about it.

One of the answers is: don’t force. Just write.

Sooooo, i’ve made a parser. AGAIN.

That was unexpectingly difficult and took a lot more time it should, but i’m satisfied with it now. Code is easy, manageable, and instead of one huge class with thousand lines of code i have 47 small classes. So, yeah.

At least scalability and validation quality is superb to what’s been before (there wasnt any traces of neither first nor second). Circular links in modded data and so on. Modders are wonderful people who will break your game, so you must predict where they will be doing that.

The strings and object data formats seem to be stable now, so i can finally build a decent post about them.

Also there was some intersection code refactoring in between, randomisation of parameters, and when i’ve got really bored by the token parsing i’ve made a quickie Particle class by throwing bunch of already baked n tested stuff together.

It was wonderful, it was hundreds of colorful dots and it broke my multithreading (

So now i’m looking into the concurrent collections to see if they will fulfill my needs.