Ludum Dare games

These games were made during the Ludum Dare events. It’s one of the largest international gamemaking jams, and if you are interested in gamedesign, you should definitely participate.

These are mostly original unmodified versions of the games that were made in 48h or less from scratch. Mostly a historical interest.


Shapeless Escape

Play online


Temple of Doom and Friendship

You need to escape the dungeon, and that little plant over there can help you. But it requires a bit of assistance to grow up.
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Dr. Eccentric

Destroy the ever-changing monsters with your ever-changin weapon. This game is a boring mediocre because of the physics engine that doesn’t quite fit for the task and bad prioritisation.
XNA 4.0 required.
Download | Entry page


Gauss Flux (Warmup entry)

Shoot-em-up prototype with an uncommon upgrade system: you literally grab and hold onto piles of guns thanks to your magnetic attachment system. I think this idea came out pretty nice and probably will be made into the proper game or be integrated into the larger project.
XNA 4.0 required.
Download | Entry page


Strategy game. Control the territory, capture worlds, connect them into larger factories to produce new unit types. Incidentally, AI turned out to be quite hard despite it being essentially two while loops.
XNA 4.0 required.
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